Ines Vaško, an abstract artist from Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Her story begins in times of her childhood when an interest in colors emerged. In time, drawing became her hobby, and pencils, charcoal, pastels and watercolors became her best friends. Canvas painting was the next ambition, and after getting an easel  as a birthday gift from a friend it turned into a serious option.

Ines' works exhibit the primal expressions of emotions driven by impulsive surges of inspiration, rather than specific, semantically sound and fixed motifs which are often tied to a single meaning. The merits of this abstract medium allows her to devise a presentation of raw emotion, uncompromised by limitations of considering an explicit subject and as such, engage an observer in multiple, ever shifting interpretations and discoveries upon each new glance.

Every painting begins with a color pallete in mind, concocted on the basis of interpreting the nature of inspiration. Once the colors are elucidated, each following stroke is a subject of an impulsive whim of resulting emotions.
The entire opus is mainly based on the use acrylics with brushes and various experimental and often improvised tools. A few exceptions were made including tempera paints, charcoal, ink and combinations of many different techniques.
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